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Most Asked Questions About Jazz Candles

What’s the difference between the oil you use and other candles?
Fragrance oils come in a variety of different price ranges. We can buy Hot Apple Pie as cheap as $7.00/lb or the really good oil for $15.00/lb. So one might ask what is the difference? Well the $7.00/lb fragrance oil will be cut with additives, which weakens the strength of the oil. The $15.00/lb fragrance oil will be full strength and not cut with additives. We tested the difference in the 2 oils when we first started making candles and could clearly smell the difference. The fragrance oil we tested was Hot Apple Pie. The first candle was made with the $7.00/lb fragrance oil and we added 9% to the wax. The second candle was made with the $15.00/lb oil and we added 6% (33% less oil) to the wax. First we could smell the difference in the 2 candles just by taking the lid off and smelling them. The $7.00/lb oil did not smell as authentic to Apple Pie and had a slight chemical smell. The $15.00/lb oil smelled just like an Apple Pie and it had no chemical smell at all. Then we burned them.

First we burned the candle made with the $7.00/lb fragrance oil. The scent only filled about 1000 square feet area in my home. Then we burned the candle made with the $15.00/lb fragrance oil. The scent completely filled my 2400 square foot home and had a much better smell that lingered for hours after the candle was put out.

It was clearly obvious to us after that test that we only wanted to use the highest quality fragrance oils money can buy. All of Jazz Candles are intensely fragrance throughout the entire wax with full strength fragrance oils. This is one of the key ingredients that make Jazz Candles so strong.

Today so many candles companies are only concerned about profits and not producing a quality candle. The first place they cut expenses is by using cheap low quality fragrance oils. That is one of the main differences in Jazz Candles and the other candle companies on the market today. We take great pride in making our candles with the finest supplies money can buy.

What makes your wax better?
Wax does more than just form the shape of the candle. When it’s melted, it will release the fragrant molecule and the scent will fill the room. This is where Jazz Candles excels above the other candle companies. Let me explain. Have you ever bought a candle and it smelled great in the jar, only to get it home and light it and you could hardly smell it? More then likely it was a straight paraffin wax that was hard as a rock. The fragrant molecule does not release from the wax and you end up with a candle that you can hardly smell.

The wax is another one of the key ingredients that makes for a strong scented candle. Softer, creamer waxes do a much better job at releasing the fragrance molecule from the wax. We take great pride in the proprietary soy blend wax we have formulated. It took 6 months of testing various waxes blended in different ways to come up with our formula. What we tested for was how far away we could smell the candle. After 6 months we had created a wax formula that allowed us to smell the candle 60 feet away! It was all about getting the wax to release the fragrance molecule so the scent would travel throughout the home.

So how strong are your candles?
Well because of the quality of fragrance oils we use, and our unique soy blend wax we have created, it is not uncommon for Jazz Candles to fragrance approximately 2000 square foot home with just ONE candle. We get hundreds of compliments every year on how strong and clean our candles burn. Don’t just take our word, read what others have said on our facebook page at And everyone appreciates that all of our products are hand poured and made in Shreveport, LA. USA! To see all of our fine products visit us at